Star Brite - Premium Golden Teak Oil

Star Brite - Premium Golden Teak Oil

085132 / 085100

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085132: Teak Oil 32 fl. oz (948 ml)

085100: Teak Oil 1 Gallon


• Extra long-lasting protection for teak.

• Gives teak a natural warm golden color.

• Contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist weathering.

• Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than standard teak oils.

• Advanced tung oil polymer formula.

• Sealer/Preserver/Finish for Marine Teak

• Also ideal for use on teak furniture and other fine woods

• Ultra-refined oil, polymers, and UV inhibitors provide long-lasting protection and beauty

• Enhances the natural wood grain and color of teak

• Brings out the natural beauty of all fine woods

• Delivers a professional-grade finish, even by first-time users

• Penetrates deep into the teak and contains UV inhibitors to protect against Sun's drying effects

• Easy to apply; dries quickly

• 32 fl. oz. (948 ml)