Cobra Extra Flexible Marine Battery Cable

Cobra Extra Flexible Marine Battery Cable

A2006T-XX / A2004T-XX / A2002T-XX / A2001T-XX

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Model NumberSize (AWG)StrandingInsulation (IN)Nominal OD (IN)UL StyleAMPSCable Length
A2006T-016266 X 300.060.342TC X FLEX RED UL123211816MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2006T-076266 X 300.060.342TC X FLEX BLACK UL123211816MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2004T-014420 X 300.060.386TC X FLEX RED UL123215725MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2004T-074420 X 300.060.386TC X FLEX BLACK UL123215725MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2002T-012665 X 300.080.446TC X FLEX RED UL123221335MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2002T-072665 X 300.080.446TC X FLEX BLACK UL123221335MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2001T-011836 X 300.080.52TC X FLEX RED UL123224650MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)
A2001T-071836 X 300.080.52TC X FLEX BLACK UL123224650MM X 164 Feet (50Mtr)

• This product was designed to meet or exceed test requirements called for by Underwriters Laboratories and the National Electric Code.
• It is recommended for use in accordance with UL and CSA for internal wiring.

• The extra flexible conductors with soft drawn tinned copper meet ASTM Specification B172

• It is also suitable for use in transformers, switchboard panels, controls, electronic circuits, and as battery cable, battery charge cable, motor lead, and power hook up cable


• This product offers a unique flame retardant polyvinyl chloride compound (VW-1) and is moisture, abrasion, acid, diesel fuel, and oil resistant.
• It is extremely flexible and easy to work with,

• Standing: Class K Tinned Copper

• Standard: UL 1426, UL Listed BC-5W2

• Voltage: 600/1000 Volts

• Temperature: 105°C Dry, 75°C Wet